Australian Phoneword Success - 1800-REVERSE

Currently 1800 REVERSE is the lead example within the Phoneword industry. The original concept idea it has been said came after an observation of the USA equivalent, being IE 1800 Collect as used for Collect Calls. It seemed logical that the ability to retain the reverse call number and have easy recall when required be the key requirement to increased usage.

Australia did not know Telstra?s number off by heart but within 6 weeks 1800 REVERSE had 80% brand awareness and understanding plus easy recall of its number all in one fell swoop. This easy recall and retention was further enhanced by carefully selected and monitored media marketing.

The original marketing used Pat Rafter as their face of the campaign. After the second burst of an additional 6 weeks some months later 1800 REVERSE then went about becoming listed on the ASX, Australian Stock Exchange as Reverse Corp Limited. The listing time on the ASX occurred in November 2005.

The company behind 1800 REVERSE when last checked was estimated to be valued over $300 Million. What value can you add to your business with a Phoneword?

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This is another Australian success story of the Gill family and how they turned their business into a multi-million dollar enterprise. We will feature this story in the near future. Today let?s look at the quote told to The Age newspaper on their rags to riches interview:

?You get a lot more out of your marketing budget because people remember you" - Mr Gill of 1300 RUBBISH as told to the AGE.


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