Marketing packages

Australian Phonewords add increased value to all your business marketing that includes your phoneword with up to 14 times response rates recorded. Your phoneword and your old numeric number can provide double impact for clients until all become familiar with your phoneword. This provides higher client retention and attraction of new customers giving your marketing budget more efficiency on the response rates. It is not only the increased response but the beneficial fact that these people are generally better qualified to do business with you. People that have put their phonewords into practice are saying:
“We are ecstatic that 13 MORTGAGE implementation has been so successful so quickly” - Lynne Wyatt, National Marketing Manager, Mortgage Choice, May 2007.
Continuity of message – Keeping the message clear & easy to recall
IE Business relates to Example in its name/product/service/slogan
Phoneword 1300 Example is clear & provides easy recall
Domain driver delivers responses
“You get a lot more out of your marketing budget because people remember you” - Mr Gill of 1300 RUBBISH says to The Age


  • Advice & Report – Self Marketing
  • Internet & Phoneword Domain Marketing
  • Assistance in Marketing – Methods/Materials/Options
  • 1 to 3 Hour Marketing Sessions – Build your marketing knowledge
  • Options of Ongoing Sessions – Monthly, Quarterly, 6 or 12 Months
Further levels and marketing options are available upon specific request.