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Connection - We offer an appraisal of the most suitable Phoneword for your business. The appraisal entails in depths look at your business operation, its direction, structure and focus. The result is a Phoneword that will assist your business, offering “Easy Recall”, generating “More Leads” and benefiting you.

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Development - Phonewords can be developed either for your business or to provide an income stream from local, metropolitan, region, state / territory or National levels. It is vital to correctly structure each component and many need individual guidance which we can provide. There is not a one size fits all solution to Phonewords and we will work with you to reach the best results for you.

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Marketing - We see small to large business use Phonewords in many ways from business cards, brochures, websites, phone directories, signage, on vehicles, ads in newspapers, community sponsorship, radio and larger business are also promoting Phonewords via television. All of this promotion is assisting the growth of Phoneword usage as we recall words easier than numbers.

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Management – The ongoing Management of a Phoneword provides a safe guard or independent third party that any Sub Licensees can call upon leaving you in peace. This means no distractions or interruptions and your sub licensees are happy being provided direct service and assistance. This secures your ongoing income stream and allows the sub licensees to also generate more business providing a true win/win situation.

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